Hello! Allow me introduce myself. My name is Erin and I live in Southern California. I have always loved writing–actually, words period. Writing is kind of a puzzle: you have to put the right words in the correct places if you want a good product.

This is my third blog. I currently have one about “Downton Abbey,” my favorite show, and had one just about my life in general, as I am severely disabled. I thought it would be able to connect with people in my same situation, allowing us to vent some of the frustrations we share. But the only people who read it were family members, and I became extremely frustrated with the whole thing to the point of almost resenting it. My mom suggested a new approach, and I’m having so much more enjoyment with it now.

Why this one? you ask. I subscribe to WordPress’s Daily Posts. I have so much fun thinking about them, but they don’t always fit into the “Downton Abbey” theme. And you can only twist a prompt so far before it loses any meaning.

I’m actually not sure how often I will post; probably just when a Daily Prompt “speaks to me” or a thought enters my quirky (as you will see) head. Hence the ecetera in the blog’s tagline. Since I’m not going to post on a set schedule but you’d like to follow along, it may be easier to click the “follow” button, and my posts will be sent to you email’s inbox.

Thanks for stopping by–this should be fun!

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