A Valentine’s Day to Remember


You say the word “wedding” and I have some expectations: The flowing white dress. The flowers. The church. Yes, I’ve been to probably four or five weddings and they were pretty much the same. The doors open, the crying father walks his daughter down the aisle, while the groom is white as a sheet. “Dearly beloved…”

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share with you a different kind of wedding happening today. I saw it on the news last night and I just had to do a post. So all I’ll say is that the couple in question exudes love, and isn’t that what February 14th about?

It’s Only One Day

It’s so weird to think about, but my youngest sister is soon to be a married woman.   Okay, not exactly soon, she and her fiancé want a long engagement, but getting him to pop the question was the first step.

They are both kind of low-key people. He said that he didn’t care what wedding they had and is actually leaving all decisions to my sister. He said even if she picked the courthouse for a venue, he wouldn’t be disappointed.

I watch wedding shows on TV and I guess I have his personality. Why does a wedding have to be some huge production? It’s one day! The couple will still love each other whether they spend five hundred dollars or fifty thousand. Why is a ten thousand dollar dress necessary? Why not spend that money on the down payment on a house?


Two words: Oh. Brother.         Courtesy weddingdress.ng

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t get it. Make it classy, make it elegant, and enjoy the day—don’t break the bank over it.

Sole Mate

Image voidlive.com

Is it that I’m not a romantic; maybe that I haven’t been in love. Sure, I’ve liked boys in school, but no boyfriend. I will probably be boyfriend-less my whole life. It’s fine by me. Relationships are complicated. More complication is the absolute last thing my life needs!

I look at my parents, who have been married 36 years and my grandparents, 56. I can’t imagine being with one person with one person for 56 years! I would have gotten so sick of my significant other long ago.

In my humble opinion, the term “soul mate” has no meaning anymore. It’s thrown around willy-nilly. The teenagers who will break up over the new boy that transferred to their school are soul mates. I watch “Say Yes to the Dress.” It seems like every single bride has found her soul mate.

It would be interesting to see their divorce rate. Haven’t you heard that marriage is a give and take? Unless couples realize that, they haven’t found their soul mate and it doesn’t happen at the wedding. It takes time to realize.