Good Bye, Webster’s


Who needs Webster’s Dictionary when you’ve got The Dictionary of Erin? Here is a preview:

Flangiprop– (adj) An expression of frustration, such as “Flangiprop, this suduku game is impossible.”

Trageldum- (adj) Absolute joy. “Tom and Nancy were in a state of tradgelum at the birth of their first grandchild.”

Lomt- (verb) preparation. “Sarah had to lomt for her vacation to her vacation to Hawaii.”

Polmic- (n) The fastest, best computer on the market. “Apple comes with a polmic probably every six months.”

Loy- (n) Sibling. “My loy were sure annoying as kids.”

Prab- (n) Cozy pajamas. “I love to wear my prab in the winter.”

Erin- (n) One who seems crazy but is just quirky. “If I didn’t know better I’d think she was out of her mind, but she’s just Erin.”

Planet Erinon


God designed Earth, actually the universe and even us, in six days. I would say He did a pretty good job! Although we do have problems, war and famine for instance, overall it’s a pretty good system.

But, just hypothetically of course, if I were able to design a new planet in some far off galaxy, this is what it would look like:

*Always at least 90 degrees (You can tell I’m a California girl. Anything below 80 is freezing!)

*Replace water with chocolate, preferably dark

*Dogs can talk

*Junk food is healthy; we actually depend on it.

*Cars are rubber; it’s fun to crash

*There are still humans, but not superficial; it’s what’s inside that counts.

There’s my planet. The thought boggles my mind, but the universe is infinite: who knows, maybe there is one EXACTLY like this. Let’s move!

My Life by Beverly Cleary


I guess my love of writing started with one author, Beverly Cleary, whose books I have fond memories of reading as a kid. Ellen Tebbits and her woolen underwear at ballet class. Then Henry Huggins and his beloved dog, Ribsy. Actually, my dream would be to be a children’s author, and I thank her. She is my writing hero.

What I liked about those books, looking back, is the innocence about her writing. Who, today, would write a story about a pesky kid sister, like in the Ramona books? Now a story can’t just be entertaining; it has to have some lesson, like anti-bullying. I’m against bullies, but why can’t a kid pick up a book for fun?

It would be so flattering if Beverly Cleary wrote my biography!! You know that I’m disabled; I can’t walk, speak through an iPad, and have very little function in my hands that stemmed from an illness at age fourteen. Yes, my life is often very frustrating but I’m an optimist: I don’t know why this happened, but I am so blessed to have friends and family who love me in my current state. I would trust Mrs. Cleary not to focus on the gobblygook of my life, but instead write about the many silver linings my life has.


I might need one a little larger…

This year is barely three months old, yet the trends and news headlines are something that will be hard to forget. If I were to select items for a time capsule for future generations to open, it would have to include the following:

  • A hybrid car
  • A Kindle/Nook
  • A smartphone
  • DVDs or Blue Rays of 2015 Oscar winners, including “Birdman” and “American Sniper”
  • A DVR
  • Every People magazine since January 1st. It includes fashion, celebrity gossip, and pop culture.
  • A tablet with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Netflix apps
  • Newspapers from the past 96 days. Headlines would include the Harrison Ford plane crash yesterday and the American Sniper trial verdict.

Did I miss anything?

My great-great grandma came to Southern California from Kansas at the age of seven. She got to witness so much (she passed away the year I was born, 1983) in her long lifetime. She always said she didn’t think there was a more interesting time to be alive: from the covered wagon-era to a man walking on the moon!

At the rate things are changing now, imagine what we’ll see!

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Me To The Fifth Degree

Today’s Daily Prompt was fun wasn’t it? I tweaked a little, but I chose:


Tim Cook. know I’ve had my Mac probably seven years. Yes, it’s most likely outdated, but I’m a self-admitted computer dunce/phobic! Maybe this Apple CEO could ease my fears, or at least show me how to back up my computer.


Stacy London. I love fashion, but don’t claim to be a fashion plate. The former host of “What Not to Wear” could give me some pointers.


Gordon Ramsey. I wouldn’t mind a little cursing if the celebrity chef would cook me a delicious meal.


Milton Hershey. One word: CHOCOLATE! I don’t care what form–candy, pudding, or cookies, I just need it!!


Jillian Michaels. After the last two people above, I would need the feared celebrity trainer to whip my behind into shape.