Thank You, Steve Jobs


Courtesy cdn.3-vox

There are two types of people in this world: Right brained and left brained. After a Google search I discovered that I’m right brained. I’m more creative (except when it comes to thinking of post topics) and verbal than logical. I would rather write than do math any day!

There is a reason “math” is a four letter word. Hearing the word brings my 33-year old brain back twenty years ago. I was in Miss Deubler’s eighth grade algebra class. She was a first-year teacher, which wasn’t hard to tell. She also thought algebra was the most important class on my schedule.

I agree that math is important. But why must the average person know how to solve for x in 50x – 4!? Isn’t that what iPhones and iPads are for? Okay, I admit that most people use math every day—counting change, etc. Simple math. What you learned in elementary school.

I guess my point is… Miss Deubler and every algebra teacher that told their students that that they’ll “need this some day”: The jig is up! As long as the good folks at Apple took (and remembered) algebra, I’m good. I give them permission to make algebra obsolete in my life.


If You Can’t Beat It…

It’s quite interesting–or ironic: I loathe technology, but without it I wouldn’t be able to communicate. I do use social media (Facebook and Pinterest) and actually just before starting this, I sent a Facebook message to someone in Kenya!

I guess you could say all communication is texting, and yet I do not own a cell phone. How is that possible? you ask.

I speak through an iPad. Actually my iPad is pretty much my lifeline. I have an app that is a qwerty keyboard, I type and it speaks what I’ve typed, and when I’ve spoken a word it remembers and puts the word in the prediction box. (Dad has had fun with this feature. Sometimes I type something, and the next word the program thinks I want to say is a curse word!)

I’ve also got an app so I can operate my bedroom lights and ceiling fan from my iPad.

Okay, all technology isn’t bad; I just wish I could grasp it as fast new stuff comes out!