Heard Mentality


The word “heard” did nothing for me. Because of that, I went to myriumwebster.com, expecting to use their word of the day. But something caught my eye. It was an article on how the dictionary needs to be constantly changed (I know I’m a nerd when things like that fascinate me).

It said more than a thousand words have been added, in all categories. Sports to science. Slang to music.

Some 2017 editions include urgent care, air-ball, and Epi-pen. In slang, you have whack, boo-hoo, and yowzah. I see that spell check hasn’t caught up!

I wonder what people 50 years ago (heck, 10 years ago!) would have thought about not just recent dictionary additions but our language today in general.

This post was another post about nothing, but what words would you add?

The More Things Change…


Courtesy greenerpasture.com

Corona, California, is where I have spent most of my 33 years. It definitely isn’t Mayberry, with over 150,000 residents, but it might as well be. Corona is extremely boring.

It has changed a lot in the 30 years I have lived here, with now a few Starbucks and the old Alpha Beta becoming a Sprouts. But I love driving down Grand where the houses are over a hundred years old.


Courtesy assests.blog.hemmings.com

In fact, in probably the 20s Grand Avenue was a racetrack, and my old junior high, which was once Corona High School and was probably built in the thirties, actually has a bomb shelter. And after Lucy and Desi’s divorce, he had a house here!


Driving down Main Street, you notice the acres of orange trees that are now homes, three feet apart. There is now a signal on every block instead of a stop sign.

But as busy as Corona is, it for the most part, it still has the small town feel. People I went to kindergarten and first grade with still live here and are raising their children here.

We have talked about moving. As very dull as Corona is, I would miss it. I learned to ride a two wheeler in front of our first house, babysat the neighborhood kids, and visited with Mary, the seventy-year-old woman across the street, her complaining about our uppity next door neighbors as comforting as anything I can remember.

We will most likely move when Dad retires, in ten years or so. He likes South Carolina.

It’s extremely corny, but as unpredictable as life can be, it’s nice to have a little certainty. Corona, California, definitely provides that.

Going, Going, Gone

You know how I feel about these one-word prompts. My disdain has forced me to start a Pinterest board entitled “Blog Prompts.” Luckily, I also have a couple books of them.

This post is in response to the prompt “Name some things we use every day that will be obsolete in twenty years.”

Paper books (they are heading that way, but in 20 years everyone will have a Kindle or Nook)

Brick-and-mortar book stores

The post office

Grocery stores (everything bought on Amazon)

Gas stations

Cars that drive themselves becoming the norm

Stoves controlled by humans (I bet the next thing will be that you tell a computer what you want and, working with the fridge, it whips it up)

I’m looking at Maggie and I bet there will be a device that walks dogs without a human.

Maybe movie theaters as home entertainment systems become more and more sophisticated.

Brick-and-mortar banks