Herd Mentality

Today my “assignment” was to pick a picture from four and use it as inspiration for a post.   I kind of cheated. I knew what I wanted to write before I saw the pictures, so sorry if you don’t see the correlation; I’m going to try. I picked a crowded train station, probably Grand Central Station.


I am probably the only 30-something who has never seen “Star Wars.” I don’t plan to, either. I hate science fiction. I watch the ABC affiliate of the news in Los Angeles. Since Disney owns ABC, and now the “Star Wars” franchise, it seems for months “Star Wars” is all the news has talked about.

We got to see a huge movie prop, I guess it was, travel through the streets of Los Angeles for the movie’s premier. Actually it might have been “Breaking News!” on TV. And don’t forget all of the people dressed in their costumes waiting in line to see the movie.

In all fairness, those folks probably didn’t see why the herd followed “Downton Abbey.” I was definitely a sheep. I loved the show.

Okay, maybe I do get it. I guess it’s okay to go against the grain. Sometimes you might find it’s refreshing not to follow the crowd.

Room With A View

Courtesy oldhouseonline.com

Granted, things were far from perfect in the 1940s. Still, I feel like I was born in the wrong generation. It’s not that I’d like war rationing or blackout curtains, but—and call me simple—I’d love to have a 1940s kitchen. Here’s what a typical family’s would look like:

A white Sunbeam electric mixer and coral tins, a little bright for her husband’s taste, but they were a wedding present, contained the kitchen essentials: flour, coffee, sugar, and one not in use. There was a toaster that is so unpredictable, the toast could be burnt to a crisp one day and in it’s original state another morning. The white refrigerator’s exterior contained report cards, finger paintings, and reminders: John had a dentist appointment on Thursday and Abby’s ballet class was Tuesday not, Wednesday.

No email reminders from Abby’s ballet teacher or text reminders from John’s dentist—but also no Downton Abbey or Amazing Race, either. Maybe 2015 has something to offer after all.