Fleece Navidad!

This post is a bit of a cheat as the only thing it has to do with the prompt is the word “horizon,” and I might do another one that truly has to do with the actual prompt, but for now…

Unless you live in a cave, you know that Christmas is on the horizon. Commercials are all Christmas related, either for toys or showing a frigid winter scene, and I listen to the Holly station while I write or do my Christmas business.

This morning I was in a particularly festive mood. I don’t know what it was. Maybe wearing my “ugly” (I use quotes because I don’t find it ugly at all) Christmas sweater bought by Mom and Sarah. They said I could not wear out of the house, although I would if I could. The whole thing doesn’t show up in the picture, but it says, “Fleece Navidad.”

Because of the mood I was in, I decided to go all out. I’m also wearing my Christmas socks (which you can’t see) and I’m under my “tree” (a certain black puppy visits my room and I didn’t trust her with a real tree; maybe next year).


Happy early holidays! I hope this post finds you in a festive mood!

My Daughter


What a character!

Margaret Elizabeth, my birthday girl,

Ten, and ears graying, with white eyelashes,

She sleeps a lot,

And that’s technically seventy,

An aging Corgi,

Yet my baby will always be my little baby,

No matter her age.


Can dogs smile?

Yes they can,

Nub, tail cut off at the quick, nub wags madly,

A glow in her eye,

Upturned muzzle,

A delighted expression on her face,

My daughter grabs a toy,

Thrilled that I’m home.