So Ridiculous I Forgot to Laugh, Part 2


Okay, on with my rant:

It is an absolute shame that anyone would even think of doing that. I realize there might be legitimate reasons—maybe panic attacks or severe anxiety—that your furry friend needs to be by your side. However, I am talking about cheats. They ruin it for everyone.

They rent wheelchairs at Disneyland just so they’re first in line at Space Mountain or still hang a disabled placard from their mirror even though it is their spouse’s, however they aren’t even with them.

Cheats should have to compensate every airline they have essentially stolen from. Plus an extra fine.

So Ridiculous I Forgot To Laugh, Part 1


This post is inspired by a story on “Good Morning America” today.

I used to have a service pooch. Lyra would make me more independent, I thought. My canine would pick up things when I dropped them. Push elevator buttons. Open doors. Just provide companionship. However, my dumb mutt wanted absolutely no part of it. We returned my “companion” and a couple of months later I purchased Maggie. Everyone lived happily ever after.

Although mine wasn’t especially bright, I love seeing service animals. Whatever the condition—visually impaired, or like me, needing help overall—they do provide a valuable service.

It is because of that that I found the story this morning so ridiculous. It’s about people cheating, saying their household companion is a service animal so their pets accompany them on planes at no cost. They obtained necessary paraphernalia: vest, certificate from a bogus training program as well as tags that will be fastened to their collar. From a certified agency? No. From online!