Fleece Navidad!

This post is a bit of a cheat as the only thing it has to do with the prompt is the word “horizon,” and I might do another one that truly has to do with the actual prompt, but for now…

Unless you live in a cave, you know that Christmas is on the horizon. Commercials are all Christmas related, either for toys or showing a frigid winter scene, and I listen to the Holly station while I write or do my Christmas business.

This morning I was in a particularly festive mood. I don’t know what it was. Maybe wearing my “ugly” (I use quotes because I don’t find it ugly at all) Christmas sweater bought by Mom and Sarah. They said I could not wear out of the house, although I would if I could. The whole thing doesn’t show up in the picture, but it says, “Fleece Navidad.”

Because of the mood I was in, I decided to go all out. I’m also wearing my Christmas socks (which you can’t see) and I’m under my “tree” (a certain black puppy visits my room and I didn’t trust her with a real tree; maybe next year).


Happy early holidays! I hope this post finds you in a festive mood!

Thanksgiving Part 2

For this post I’d like to thank the people at WordPress. The photo challenge prompt fit exactly with what I was going to talk about anyway.

You knew that the whole family was going to fly to Seattle to surprise my sister for Thanksgiving. Well, we’re back. The surprise worked perfectly, as you can see.

Thanksgiving was just a lazy day. We all watched “Intervention,” played Uno (which caused some salty language) ate a delicious turkey, and watched “Christmas Vacation,” a Tharp tradition.

Our Thanksgiving definitely strayed from the typical. It wasn’t a formal occasion, which is the norm for many. But all the people I love were together. It couldn’t be Thanksgiving without that.

The Great Indoors


Now this is my idea of a campground! Image courtesy of mappir.com

Luckily, we weren’t a camping family. Mom camped with my grandparents and uncle, when she was young, which I so wish I could have seen. Today, she is…let’s say…very indoorsy.

I don’t understand the whole camping culture. Mom goes to REI for things she needs for running, and they have everything for the camper: Tents, mosquito nets, sleeping bags. People do this for fun?! I sure have a different definition of “fun.” For me, it means sleeping in a hotel and not living off the land. Catching fish means retrieving a can of tuna that someone has tossed my way.

A slumber party favorite (heck with the slumber party, I just watched it a couple days ago) is “Troop Beverly Hills.” Now, that troop and I have similar ideas of “roughing it.” Or “glamping,” as I’ve recently heard it called.




I’m so sorry about the subject of this post. If you are like me, you had enough long ago!

It’s as if you are bludgeoned with it! You have commercials where Hillary is attacking Trump. Change the channel and you have another one where it’s the opposite. Luckily, because California is so liberal, the candidates don’t spend much time focused on us. Unfortunately, Dad is a HUGE Fox News fan and that’s all they talk about.

I have already voted. That makes it worse, because I still have to listen to it. I voted to keep the death penalty, raise cigarette taxes, as well as on probably ten other propositions.

I left president blank. You know that I am a Republican. I couldn’t believe my choice of candidate.

As bad as Trump is, I like Hillary less. Besides the trustworthiness issue, she doesn’t seem genuine. While talking to people on the campaign trail she looks forced, like it’s an effort to be there. Like she has little in common with the common folk.

Thank you for allowing me to vent. All I can say is Tuesday can’t come soon enough.



Courtesy all4desktop.com

This post in response to the prompt a few weeks ago, “Darkness.” The first thing I thought of was emotional darkness, which was extremely depressing. Last night I thought of a new angle. What about literal darkness?

Nighttime. Astronomy has always fascinated me. Trips to Griffith Observatory, in the hills of Los Angeles, were always a treat. There I saw objects millions, maybe billions, of miles away (I never understood the concept of light years).

And is space really infinite? If not, where does it end? What’s on the other side? It’s not like I think there are little green men walking around, but in the entire solar system there has to be like a cell or something.

I know one thing. Whenever I look at the night sky it increases my faith. Only some kind of holy being could create something so wonderful yet so mysterious.

Me In A List


Courtesy 0.s3.envato.com

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know some things about me. You know that I’m disabled, that I have two younger sisters, and that I have a canine daughter named Maggie. For this post, I thought I’d tell you a little more about myself.

  1. Pansies are my favorite flower (they look like they are smiling).
  2. I took two years of French in high school, but other than merci and bonjour, the only thing I remember is pig. (Not very useful in a conversation. Unless you were talking about sandwiches. Or farm animals.)
  3. My 13/14-year-old “celebrity” crush was Prince William (that was pre-bald).
  4. I think about 95 is the perfect temperature.
  5. I think hobos are scary. Clowns too.
  6. I have never seen “Star Wars.”
  7. I have done several 5ks.
  8. I need a white noise machine to sleep (it drowns out Maggie’s snoring).
  9. Our family has never been without a dog.
  10. My favorite pizza topping is pineapple.
  11. I never learned to whistle.
  12. I think I’ve seen “Toy Story” at least 100 times.
  13. I love tiny houses, but couldn’t ever live in one.
  14. My family and I were guests at the White House.
  15. I could live in Target.
  16. I love “Say Yes to the Dress,” but don’t get how anyone could pay $10,000 for a dress you wear once.

Wait A Minute

keep-calm-and-wait-a-minute-9Politically, I would consider myself fairly middle of the road, yet leaning to the right. Most times I can find valid points from the Democratic side (don’t tell my Dad, who is a staunch Republican—if I told him the other side had a few good points he might disown me).

But why does every single thing that happens in the United States have to be turned into a political issue? Take what happened in San Bernardino. The details were barely known, yet the presidential candidates were using it to talk about their platform.

Come on! Fourteen people died, and many others are still in the hospital, including children.Can’t arguing about terrorism, immigration, and gun control wait? I’m guilty of posting a few conservative based-things (Dad would be proud) on Facebook, but I shouldn’t have. Politics can wait.

Today, let’s remember the victims.


Image: sd.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

The ABC’s of Wonderful

Courtesy rootwholebody.com

I’m a chocolate girl. Though it’s a guilty pleasure, I’ve discovered dark chocolate, which is proven to be almost healthy. I can have my fix and do something for my body. At least how I justify it. The following is my ode to this wonderful food:


Hones my senses for delicious

Oozing goodness

Candy, preferably Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Oh, I need it

Lasts in your mouth, which I don’t mind

At long last, time for dessert

The many forms: candy (which I mentioned), pudding, sauce…

Even flaming!