To Be A Kid Again

I always marvel at how post inspiration presents itself at the perfect time.

Not finding inspiration in the prompt, I decided to listen to the Adele station on I Heart Radio while I thought. The music is free, but there is a commercial that plays when you first get on (I guess they need to make their money somehow). The commercial that plays is usually the same one, and it’s the same one that plays on TV, for Canine Advantix. The one where the woman won’t let her muddy dog inside.

Today, I was surprised to see a commercial, actually it’s not really a commercial per say, but it was for Walgreen’s. There aren’t many ads that bring me to tears. Okay, the ASPCA commercials around Christmas usually do.

What you are about to see was the type of thing that makes you all full inside. All I will say is, wouldn’t be nice if we all had the perspective of children: giving and optimistic. I think we be a happier planet.

It’s All in Your Head

This is me. Exactly.

Let me tell you how awkward this post is going to make me feel, as it’s not my personality at all. But I said I was going to speak my mind!

I don’t think I get embarrassed easily. Especially when I am reliant on other people for absolutely everything. I have help in the shower, while aides I know only on a superficial level wash the most personal of areas. You get the idea. I don’t know if I have just gotten used to it or what, but it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it used to.

What truly bothers me is TV and commercials! It’s like with TV the networks try to outdo each other with the references to sex and they would be just as funny without them. I thought it was a new thing, but I started watching “Friends” reruns on Netflix last night, from ‘96. It’s a very funny show, and I will definitely watch it again, but let me tell you, if I were watching with someone else I would have turned it off. Why is that?

According to, I can blame my brain! I’m no neurologist, so I will let them do the explaining, but next time you see someone come out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to their shoe or watch a kid make a basket for the wrong team (my one and only basket in my youth basketball league), imagine how their brains are working!


Stop The Madness

I wouldn’t call myself a feminist. Sure, I believe that women can do anything, from stay-at-home moms to CEO’s of Fortune 500 corporations, but I’m definitely not about to join NOW.

Still, a recent Super Bowl commercial, that is still playing makes me want to burn my bra. It’s not just because of the inappropriateness of the ad. It’s also about taste. Watching a “possibly nude” female walking through a farmer’s market is just crude. Then at the end of the ad we see she wasn’t completely naked, but she might as well have been: a miniscule nude-colored pair of shorts. As for the “top,” well, if you’ve seen the commercial, you know why I use quotes.

(Insert imaginary video here. I’m not going to condone the commercial by providing a YouTube rendition of it.)

What irks me is besides the taste (or lack thereof) is that it’s fine with everyone. We don’t even question things like this anymore. Movies with scenes of nudity and more “f-words” than you can count still have a PG-13 rating; an R-rate if there’s a cigarette.

They say kids today grow up so fast. The internet, TV, and movies aren’t helping. What scares me is, is this what will my nieces and nephews will be exposed to?