It’s Not Just a Tattoo…

I have no tattoo (surprise, surprise) and am not looking into getting one. You could say that I have gotten stuck more times than I would care to, so I am not going to do it voluntarily.

I have family members who have them, my younger sister being one. I could cry when I think of Sarah’s tattoo, which is slyly placed on the inside of her foot. It says “ubuntu” in my handwriting. She spent a semester teaching in Africa and got it when she got back. The word “ubuntu” is an African proverb that means “I am because you are.”


It’s not even on my body, but that tattoo means so much to me. Let’s say Sarah and I didn’t get along as kids. I know what you are thinking, what siblings do as kids? Our arguments were worse. Please don’t judge me, but you could say that I purposely tormented my two siblings, believing it was my right. Sarah got the brunt of it. I feel awful now.

Whenever I see that tattoo there is a mixture of guilt and extreme love for my middle sister.

But she now thinks it’s her right to take trips “browsing” in my closet, maybe as payback. I suppose I owe her that much.

It’s Not Goodbye, It’s Ta-Ta

I’m fortunate not to have to suffered many losses in my 31 years on the planet. I’m talking about family members. Sure, I wish I knew my paternal grandparents, who passed away when I was very young, but I feel like I know them through pictures and stories Dad tells. My aunt even says that I have Grandma Mary Ann’s button nose! I guess I will always have a part of the grandmother I never knew.

But losses don’t have to be family members to affect you deeply (I will do my best to hold it together). My physical medicine doctor–which is a specialty that provides care to the disabled, trying to improve the quality of life for them–is retiring in July.


Me and Dr. B.

Dr. Murray Brandstater changed my life. I remember laying in a hospital bed at fifteen realizing that I was now disabled. I thought my life was over. With Dr. B’s help, I now understood that it was just a new chapter, not the end!

And I’m actually happier now! Thank you, Dr. B.