So Ridiculous I Forgot To Laugh, Part 1


This post is inspired by a story on “Good Morning America” today.

I used to have a service pooch. Lyra would make me more independent, I thought. My canine would pick up things when I dropped them. Push elevator buttons. Open doors. Just provide companionship. However, my dumb mutt wanted absolutely no part of it. We returned my “companion” and a couple of months later I purchased Maggie. Everyone lived happily ever after.

Although mine wasn’t especially bright, I love seeing service animals. Whatever the condition—visually impaired, or like me, needing help overall—they do provide a valuable service.

It is because of that that I found the story this morning so ridiculous. It’s about people cheating, saying their household companion is a service animal so their pets accompany them on planes at no cost. They obtained necessary paraphernalia: vest, certificate from a bogus training program as well as tags that will be fastened to their collar. From a certified agency? No. From online!

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