Courtesy: Grammarsass

You have undoubtedly heard that people judge you based on what you say. For me, it’s your grammar, and when typed, punctuation. An error in either is worse than nails on a chalkboard—more like knuckle cracking, which is a sound that gives me the creeps.

But I would rather hear knuckle cracking 24 hours a day than things like, “Me and her are going to dinner.” Horrible. Or, “You is nice.” Awful. And my personal favorite: Misuse of the word “literal,” as in, “We literally froze.” It must be a miracle—a frozen person is talking to me right now!

Written mistakes might be worse because you can’t tune them out. For starters, how about they’re, their, and there? Or affect and effect? How about the same word with multiple meanings: Think about rose and rose. Saw and saw. Or a comma that can completely change the meaning of a sentence: “Can we eat Mom?” or, “Can we eat, Mom?”

Personal style in clothes is one thing, but taking liberties with the English language can label people lazy, not stylish.

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