A Study in Contrasts

Courtesy: outkube.com

When it comes to my bedroom, I live by the motto “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Actually, that might not be strong enough. Let’s just say that if one of my possessions is moved a foot from it’s rightful place, I go mad.

The worst is every other Wednesday when the cleaning women have been here. They have no attachment to my things. They are “put away” nothing like they found them, in an effort to hurry up and be done. Problem is, they are never how they found them.

You would think my computer desktop would be spotless. Far from it. Let me count. There are fourteen files currently crowding the desktop. More than half of those are empty files just cluttering it up.

My email inbox is ten times worse. It’s gotten as bad as 150 unread emails! I guess the problem is that I’m too lazy to clear out the junk. Also because it becomes overwhelming: You clear it out and there’ll be twenty more tomorrow morning. Gap and Amazon send something every day. Land’s End, Anthropologie twice a week, and about that timeframe for Pinterest, Facebook, and Bloglovin.

It’s a losing battle. It’s going to be easier to get a new email address and start fresh than to clear this one out.

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