Older But Not Wiser

Stop already!

Isn’t the American culture obsessed with reversing the clock? In my opinion it’s truly sad. We have stooped so low as using poison injections in our faces, only to have a face that doesn’t move. I have Botox in my spastic muscles about every nine months. It hurts like heck(ll). I can not imagine having them in your face, by choice.

The anti-aging industry is probably a billion dollar one, from anti-aging surgical procedures, “miracle creams,” even shampoo. What happened to “aging gracefully”?

Isn’t it supposed to be “it’s inside what counts”? In my humble opinion it’s other cultures that have the right idea. So what if you are getting older? My great, great uncle, Doug is 94. He looks 94. He is the sweetest man. He was in the Air Force during World War II, and could talk about it all day.

Don’t we become wiser with age? Why are we so ashamed?

Image: livluna.com

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