I’m Not Crazy–Really!

Contrary to what my family would tell you, I am not crazy—maybe a tad on the eccentric side, but not crazy. Another word for me is probably is quirky. Yes, definitely quirky.

This is most evident in my eating—mostly eating lunch. I have some form of peanut butter sandwich every day (I was thrilled when the doctor said that I needed more protein, which peanut butter is a good source of). My sandwich could be peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and honey, or occasionally almond butter and banana slices.


Exhibit A, although I was a bit wild today and had a turkey sandwich for lunch. And now that I look at it, the sandwich is pretty close to the 9 o’clock position also. Disturbing.

The sandwich is cut into bite-sized pieces so it’s easier for me to pick up, and I must eat my sandwich row by row, not picking pieces up willy-nilly. The sandwich has to be at 6:30 on the plate. It’s essential. Nothing can be blocking the sandwich. Also essential. Vitamins, calcium, multivitamin, iron, omega-3, and vitamin C: They must be at 9 o’clock.

Chips (a figure of speech—actually either pretzels, string cheese, almonds, popcorn, or some combination thereof) are at either 11 or 2 o’clock, interchangeable with dessert. I’m more lenient with them.


Exhibit B. Note the tidy row-like consumption of sandwich, sort of like corn on the cob. Sort of.

A psychologist would have a field day with that! Ask me if I care; not in the least, as long as I can have things just so.

P.S. In reading this back, I sound nuts!

Comments welcome!

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