Ah, The Memories…

I was born in the eighties. Hair was high and the “fashions” left something to be desired. The nineties weren’t much better fashion wise, but the nineties were where I spent my childhood.


Courtesy hercampus.com

I am about to turn 33 (how is that possible!?) and for readers around my age, I thought I’d take you on a journey along memory lane.

Do you remember:

  1. Sturrip pants
  2. American Girl dolls (My sister is always looking to make a quick buck. She wants to put hers on Craigslist, but Mom refuses.)
  3. “Where’s Waldo”
  4. Koosh
  5. “Goosebumps”
  6. Polly Pocket
  7. Zoobooks
  8. LipSmacker
  9. Mini backpacks
  10. Friendship bracelets
  11. Pogs
  12. Squeezit
  13. Scrunchies
  14. The Oregon Trail game
  15. Sanrio Surprises
  16. “Operation!”
  17. Lunchables

What are some of your childhood favorites?

Comments welcome!

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