It’s Only One Day

It’s so weird to think about, but my youngest sister is soon to be a married woman.   Okay, not exactly soon, she and her fiancé want a long engagement, but getting him to pop the question was the first step.

They are both kind of low-key people. He said that he didn’t care what wedding they had and is actually leaving all decisions to my sister. He said even if she picked the courthouse for a venue, he wouldn’t be disappointed.

I watch wedding shows on TV and I guess I have his personality. Why does a wedding have to be some huge production? It’s one day! The couple will still love each other whether they spend five hundred dollars or fifty thousand. Why is a ten thousand dollar dress necessary? Why not spend that money on the down payment on a house?


Two words: Oh. Brother.         Courtesy

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t get it. Make it classy, make it elegant, and enjoy the day—don’t break the bank over it.

4 thoughts on “It’s Only One Day

  1. Yes it is just one day, but it represents a marrying of two souls being knit together as one, and I think that it should be celebrated. No, I don’t think you should break the bank but quite alright to have a beautiful wedding.


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