The Greatest Generation

Like most days, I have to ponder the prompt topic until the afternoon, when it’s time to write. I read the word “value” and had no idea what to do. Sure, there are some values that I hold dear, but that’s not a very interesting post: Erin’s values. But it hit me when I read the Photo Challenge prompt, “nostalgia.”



A few generations ago was called the “Greatest Generation.” Probably my grandparents’ generation, who were born in the late 30s to early 40s. I love anything from that generation, mainly the clothes. There was a war going on, which I forget.

I actually did my 6th grade History Day project, which is just like Science Fair, but you guessed right, regarding history on that period of time. I chose The Home Front as my topic. I interviewed my Great Grandma, and she sent me some ration stamps (she was one notch below a hoarder).

I didn’t realize it then, but now as a wise woman of 33, I wonder why must we have so much “stuff.” I’m just as guilty as anybody. My closet is almost exploding. A lot of it I have never worn. But why must they introduce a new iPhone every couple months? Is it that different? I’m not going to get started on Black Friday.


I love the movie “Forrest Gump.” In it, Mama said something that is so true: “There’s just so much a man really needs. The rest is for showing off.”


Thank you for setting us straight, Mama.

Comments welcome!

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