Sweet Dreams

I love food! It can be any type of food.

I was going to tell you my favorite food, but I can’t narrow it down. Luckily my mom is a very careful eater. Most of the things we have for dinner come out of Cooking Light magazine.


Sure, it looks pretty, but to me “rainbow eating” means a pack of Skittles. Courtesy: womensfitness.net

However, I’m a HUGE sweet eater. It could be anything. I probably undo all of Mom’s work at dinner with my “sweet” after dinner. It could be anything where sugar is the main ingredient. Homemade ice cream and chocolate chip cookies are my weakness.   Dad, Sarah, and I call poor Mom an enabler, but she has a point. If we would stop eating it, she would stop making it.


Oh, alright. But just to be polite. Courtesy: tastyeatsathome.com

I feel so guilty eating my after dinner sweet, but as soon as that sugar hits my tongue all of those feelings melt away (no pun intended).

Halloween is coming. Just great.

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