Winter At Its Best


Courtesy dannyboston.blogspot

  1. Wet dog (it stinks I know, but it means it’s actually raining in Southern California).
  2. The dusty aroma of the first time the heater clicks on for the season.
  3. The mintyness of Claritin (relief for my aching sinuses is on the way).
  4. Musty smell of the electric blanket.
  5. A Christmas tree lot (although we have a fake one now).
  6. Christmas cookies baking in the oven.
  7. Our family’s Christmas breakfast (chili eggs, which I don’t partake in. It’s overnight oatmeal for sisters, Mom, and I).
  8. Sometimes-stench of Maggie (her bed is right by mine. She only sleeps in it when it’s cold).
  9. The crispness of cold weather.
  10. The refreshing aroma the day after it rains.
  11. The wool of my cashmere throw that I have after my electric blanket is turned off.

As you’ve probably guessed, the eleven items above are smells of winter. My favorite smells of winter, at least. I’d love to hear your additions!

Comments welcome!

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