Is It The End of December Already??

Less than two weeks till Christmas (and less than three of 2016, how is that possible?). I’m almost done with my “shopping.” Our family is donating to charities again, and I know the charity for Kelley, I just need to do it.

I guess until I do I shouldn’t judge, but driving to dinner last night we passed a shopping center. From the freeway I couldn’t see all the stores, but I know Barnes and Noble and Best Buy where there. Needless to say, their parking lots were full. Poor Mom does grocery shopping at Target and why she doesn’t say “Oh, the heck with it,” and flee, I have no idea. This time of year there should be a “I’m-not-Christmas-shopping-I’m-regular-shopping” cash register open.

What I don’t understand is Christmas isn’t like, say, Easter. The date has always, and will always be, December 25th. Why do people act like it’s a sudden surprise come mid-December?


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I can understand why people like to be out in the hustle and bustle of a festive environment, but when that environment includes harried shoppers and tired kids, count me out.

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