‘Tis Better To…


Today is “Giving Tuesday.” In our culture of me, me, me, isn’t that refreshing? I bought a wheelchair, making a donation to Free Wheelchair Mission. I think it was $80. Not much money. And providing, someone with “new wheels” changes that person’s life, yes, but it changes their family’s life as well. It’s like a trickle down.

What’s neat about charity is any amount makes a difference. You can donate a million dollars to a hospital or play Free Rice, where for every answer you get right on games, ten grains of rice is donated to The World Food Programme. Ten grains of rice doesn’t seem like much but depending on how much you play, people in developing countries will get bowls of food!

See what I mean about any amount making a difference?

So, did I inspire you to participate in Giving Tuesday? I hope so!

It’s About More Than Hot Dogs and a Good Sale

Memorial Day kicks off the summer, unofficially. There will be trips to the beach, the smell of hot dogs on the grill, and tediously long lines at America’s airports. We sometimes forget the true meaning of Memorial Day: honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

I can’t imagine experiencing the horrors of war day in and day.

While it’s true most soldiers come home unscathed, sadly there are a lot that don’t. Whatever the cause, they face months in the hospital and extensive therapy to hopefully regain 50% of their pre-war selves. I just stumbled upon a charity that helps the post war veteran with a TBI or PTSD by providing adaptive technology, voice recognition laptops and personal GPS.

You (me included) remember the fallen soldier today, and that’s great. That’s what today’s all about. But what about the ones who’s lives will never be the same? In a way, haven’t they also made the ultimate sacrifice?

Please take a second and check out this link to Soldiers’ Angels, an organization that provides technology to one of the most deserving groups I can think of.


A Soldiers’ Angels Chaplain Support Group making a donation. Courtesy Soldiers’ Angels