I might need one a little larger…

This year is barely three months old, yet the trends and news headlines are something that will be hard to forget. If I were to select items for a time capsule for future generations to open, it would have to include the following:

  • A hybrid car
  • A Kindle/Nook
  • A smartphone
  • DVDs or Blue Rays of 2015 Oscar winners, including “Birdman” and “American Sniper”
  • A DVR
  • Every People magazine since January 1st. It includes fashion, celebrity gossip, and pop culture.
  • A tablet with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Netflix apps
  • Newspapers from the past 96 days. Headlines would include the Harrison Ford plane crash yesterday and the American Sniper trial verdict.

Did I miss anything?

My great-great grandma came to Southern California from Kansas at the age of seven. She got to witness so much (she passed away the year I was born, 1983) in her long lifetime. She always said she didn’t think there was a more interesting time to be alive: from the covered wagon-era to a man walking on the moon!

At the rate things are changing now, imagine what we’ll see!

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