The Real Most Wonderful Time of the Year



I thought I had two (!!) more months before I had to think about Christmas. But thanks to the people at WordPress with today’s prompt, I am forced to think about the dreaded holiday today, September 7th.

Isn’t it sad to dread such a nice holiday? I was like everyone, racking my brain, trying to think of the perfect gift for everyone. Instead of enjoying the season, it was more a burden than “the most wonderful time of the year.” But last year our family did something I would recommend for any family with older children who are sick of the Christmas rush and materialism.

We exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve night, which was a welcome relief from the mayhem of Christmas morning.   But we all had a deal: The gifts to each other couldn’t be material gifts; rather, donations to charities of causes the recipient was passionate about.

We didn’t get things, but I would say it was the best Christmas I can remember.


People say we need to put Jesus back in Christmas, and I think that’s what the Tharp family did on December 24, 2015.