gluten-intoleranceFor health reasons, starting maybe six weeks ago, I am now on a gluten-free diet. Actually it’s for health-ish (what a tongue twister) reasons. Starting next month I am enrolled in a trial for a new physical therapy technique. Don’t ask me to give you the science, but it has to do with inflammation in the brain blocking blood flow.

Good news: I don’t understand it, but I have had a few treatments before the actual trial started. It really works!

Now to the diet. It has been an adjustment. Every one of my favorite foods contains gluten! Luckily, Sarah’s boyfriend’s mom is gluten free so Sarah gave me some tips and a list of foods his mom eats. Plus, with gluten-free being so popular, Sprouts and Trader Joe’s have lots of choices.

As I said, just the couple treatments in and I’ve already felt this new therapy work. Nothing huge—I’m not walking or talking—but I am more comfortable. If this continues, I can do without wheat.

I had gluten-free brownies at lunch today that were simply delicious! Who knew?