Me To The Fifth Degree

Today’s Daily Prompt was fun wasn’t it? I tweaked a little, but I chose:


Tim Cook. know I’ve had my Mac probably seven years. Yes, it’s most likely outdated, but I’m a self-admitted computer dunce/phobic! Maybe this Apple CEO could ease my fears, or at least show me how to back up my computer.


Stacy London. I love fashion, but don’t claim to be a fashion plate. The former host of “What Not to Wear” could give me some pointers.


Gordon Ramsey. I wouldn’t mind a little cursing if the celebrity chef would cook me a delicious meal.


Milton Hershey. One word: CHOCOLATE! I don’t care what form–candy, pudding, or cookies, I just need it!!


Jillian Michaels. After the last two people above, I would need the feared celebrity trainer to whip my behind into shape.