Ten, In No Particular Order


I told you that I’m extremely quirky. Add random, too. I looked at the songs in my iPod today (I usually just put it on shuffle and don’t pay attention). The poor thing probably thinks I have multiple personalities! To make the point, I will choose ten songs at random.

  1. “Maggie Mae,” by The Beatles (who doesn’t like The Beatles?).
  1. “The Christmas Song,” By Nat King Cole (I am too lazy to make a Christmas playlist, so I end up listening to it in July).
  1. “Dancing Queen,” by ABBA (it’s just happy).
  1. “Quit Playin’ Games With My Heart,” by Backstreet Boys (please don’t judge).
  1. “Rocket Man,” by Elton John (my parents liked him in the 70s, maybe it’s hereditary).
  1. “Stay With Me,” by Sam Smith (it’s just pretty).
  1. “Amazing Grace,” by Charlotte Church (my favorite religious song. Who knows, maybe a post inspiration someday).
  1. The “Apollo 13” theme (one of my favorite movies, with a pretty soundtrack).
  1. “MMMbop,” by Hanson (again, please don’t judge).
  1. “Beautiful Day,” by U2 (puts me in a good mood).

See what I said about random? I have no idea how the Genius in iTunes does it, and I’m afraid to see what it would choose for me. I would have thrown in the towel long ago!

True Genius

I truly feel sorry for the Genius setting on my iPod. It has to figure out my taste in music and recommend things I would like. That’s no easy feat! The poor thing probably thinks I have multiple personalities.

What the heck is the connection between “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven and “Mmm Bop” by Hanson, my thirteen/fourteen-year-old music obsession.

Then we have U2 and Louie Armstrong, the Beatles and Creed, a Christian band from probably fifteen years ago. “He” truly is a genius!

I probably have 200 songs on my iPod. As I scroll the “Purchased” list and wonder whether I’ve subconsciously purchased them or not, I realize albums have special meaning to me on an emotional level. Take “Ode to Joy:” Joy is what I feel every single day! Joy that I AM ME!

So I guess Apple can have a Genius, but he isn’t one in human emotion, but the songs I truly love, I picked.