Heard Mentality


The word “heard” did nothing for me. Because of that, I went to myriumwebster.com, expecting to use their word of the day. But something caught my eye. It was an article on how the dictionary needs to be constantly changed (I know I’m a nerd when things like that fascinate me).

It said more than a thousand words have been added, in all categories. Sports to science. Slang to music.

Some 2017 editions include urgent care, air-ball, and Epi-pen. In slang, you have whack, boo-hoo, and yowzah. I see that spell check hasn’t caught up!

I wonder what people 50 years ago (heck, 10 years ago!) would have thought about not just recent dictionary additions but our language today in general.

This post was another post about nothing, but what words would you add?

Good Bye, Webster’s

Courtesty illinoisreview.typepad.com

Who needs Webster’s Dictionary when you’ve got The Dictionary of Erin? Here is a preview:

Flangiprop– (adj) An expression of frustration, such as “Flangiprop, this suduku game is impossible.”

Trageldum- (adj) Absolute joy. “Tom and Nancy were in a state of tradgelum at the birth of their first grandchild.”

Lomt- (verb) preparation. “Sarah had to lomt for her vacation to her vacation to Hawaii.”

Polmic- (n) The fastest, best computer on the market. “Apple comes with a polmic probably every six months.”

Loy- (n) Sibling. “My loy were sure annoying as kids.”

Prab- (n) Cozy pajamas. “I love to wear my prab in the winter.”

Erin- (n) One who seems crazy but is just quirky. “If I didn’t know better I’d think she was out of her mind, but she’s just Erin.”