Fun Now, A Chore Later

Every kid, or at least little girls, plays pretend. I know my sisters and I did. Playing house, where at of course I was always the mother. Hey, I’m the oldest—it’s my right!

In a previous post I told you I am not a feminist in the least. Yet, I must wonder why the Play Best Pressed Ironing Board, on Target’s website, is pink. It’s obviously made for girls. The same with the Minnie Bows Twinkle Vacuum Cleaner. Does that mean only girls can play with them, which is a separate issue.? Hey, Dad irons, Dad vacuums.


A toy shopping cart is okay, little girl. Just stay away from the toy appliance aisle.

Back to my original point. In my opinion, toys like an ironing board and vacuum cleaner show little girls that only girls, then women, can do those things. I would hate for my nieces to grow up thinking that cooking and cleaning were their only choices in life.

I know my sisters, and luckily they’ll set their kids straight.