I’m so sorry about the subject of this post. If you are like me, you had enough long ago!

It’s as if you are bludgeoned with it! You have commercials where Hillary is attacking Trump. Change the channel and you have another one where it’s the opposite. Luckily, because California is so liberal, the candidates don’t spend much time focused on us. Unfortunately, Dad is a HUGE Fox News fan and that’s all they talk about.

I have already voted. That makes it worse, because I still have to listen to it. I voted to keep the death penalty, raise cigarette taxes, as well as on probably ten other propositions.

I left president blank. You know that I am a Republican. I couldn’t believe my choice of candidate.

As bad as Trump is, I like Hillary less. Besides the trustworthiness issue, she doesn’t seem genuine. While talking to people on the campaign trail she looks forced, like it’s an effort to be there. Like she has little in common with the common folk.

Thank you for allowing me to vent. All I can say is Tuesday can’t come soon enough.

To Die For: An Editorial

Courtesy: transformrockford.org

According to Statistic Brain.com there are well over 218 million Americans who are eligible to vote. Yet only just over 146 million did in the 2012 election. Of those, 69% of men and 72% were women.

Just some trivia to prove my point for this post. Another incredible/sad fact: According to Wikipedia, out of the world’s 196 countries (About.com) a measly 24 are full democracies! That really puts things into perspective doesn’t it? We are so lucky, yet there are millions of Americans who don’t take advantage of what billions around the world would love to have.

Think of the Revolutionary War. Americans were willing to die for something we take for granted. Women fought tirelessly to vote and it was finally granted in 1920. African Americans in 1959.

It’s a little early to say who I will vote for. I was thinking Trump, but he has a big mouth. I watched the debate, and couldn’t believe his comments.

So I don’t who for, but I will be voting in 2016. Will you be joining me?