Planet Erinon


God designed Earth, actually the universe and even us, in six days. I would say He did a pretty good job! Although we do have problems, war and famine for instance, overall it’s a pretty good system.

But, just hypothetically of course, if I were able to design a new planet in some far off galaxy, this is what it would look like:

*Always at least 90 degrees (You can tell I’m a California girl. Anything below 80 is freezing!)

*Replace water with chocolate, preferably dark

*Dogs can talk

*Junk food is healthy; we actually depend on it.

*Cars are rubber; it’s fun to crash

*There are still humans, but not superficial; it’s what’s inside that counts.

There’s my planet. The thought boggles my mind, but the universe is infinite: who knows, maybe there is one EXACTLY like this. Let’s move!

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