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This post in response to the prompt a few weeks ago, “Darkness.” The first thing I thought of was emotional darkness, which was extremely depressing. Last night I thought of a new angle. What about literal darkness?

Nighttime. Astronomy has always fascinated me. Trips to Griffith Observatory, in the hills of Los Angeles, were always a treat. There I saw objects millions, maybe billions, of miles away (I never understood the concept of light years).

And is space really infinite? If not, where does it end? What’s on the other side? It’s not like I think there are little green men walking around, but in the entire solar system there has to be like a cell or something.

I know one thing. Whenever I look at the night sky it increases my faith. Only some kind of holy being could create something so wonderful yet so mysterious.

Planet Erinon

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God designed Earth, actually the universe and even us, in six days. I would say He did a pretty good job! Although we do have problems, war and famine for instance, overall it’s a pretty good system.

But, just hypothetically of course, if I were able to design a new planet in some far off galaxy, this is what it would look like:

*Always at least 90 degrees (You can tell I’m a California girl. Anything below 80 is freezing!)

*Replace water with chocolate, preferably dark

*Dogs can talk

*Junk food is healthy; we actually depend on it.

*Cars are rubber; it’s fun to crash

*There are still humans, but not superficial; it’s what’s inside that counts.

There’s my planet. The thought boggles my mind, but the universe is infinite: who knows, maybe there is one EXACTLY like this. Let’s move!