Dead? Or Very Much Alive?

I am uant-flay in ig-pay atlin-lay (I am fluent in pig Latin, for you non-speakers).

I love words, as I said in my About Me page. I could literally read the thesaurus as though it was a novel and I love coming up with other ways of saying things. Hot dog becomes sweltering canine, baby carrots, infant roots. There are more, but you get the idea. If I had the chance, I would study linguistics. Everything about the English language fascinates me, from synonyms to punctuation, even grammar.

Although it’s technically a dead language (another thing fascinating about language—how can an entire way of speaking just become extinct?), Latin is so interesting to me.


But I suppose it’s because we are surrounded by Latin. Maggie is a canine, which is from the word “canus,” which means dog.

Others include alter ego (alternative self), bona fide (genuine, sincere), circa (about), et cetera (and the rest), and alibi (elsewhere). There are many more where those came from!

I guess people need to check their facts: In English alone, Latin is alive and kicking!

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