I’m Sorry, Mr. Jenner

I had been itching to see the Bruce Jenner interview since ABC announced it. Friday night I DVR’d it (ending at eleven is a little too late for me) and was looking forward to a complete train wreck. I love drama!

Mom and I watched it yesterday afternoon. It was windy and rainy: perfect weather for settling in for what I was positive would be pure entertainment.

Let me tell you how ashamed I am. Mr. Jenner, aside from being transgender, is just like me. A Christian Republican.

I’m ashamed for another reason, too. I was being such a hypocrite. I just assumed that his lifestyle was something he chose, which made him a freak. I learned, and the fact was also validated by a psychologist, that being transgender something to do with brain mechanics, not a choice. Just like my condition wasn’t something I chose. I absolutely hate how people make snap judgments about me, like just because I can’t talk, I can’t think for myself. Or that they need to talk s-l-o-w-l-y and deliberately. I was doing the same thing: judging.

Mr. Jenner said instead of staring, why don’t people just ask him, that he’s not shy. Exactly!

God doesn’t make mistakes. Whatever the reason, he is the way he is, just like I am the way I am.

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