New and Definitely Improved

I freely admit to being a people pleaser. Even with dumb things like watching TV! I will even sacrifice something I’ve been looking forward to, just so the other person won’t be unhappy. Stupid, right?

I’ve tried so hard to break this habit. It works for a while, but after a few days, but then I am exactly where I started. I need People Pleaser Anonymous!

My last post, about the Bruce Jenner interview (I basically compared him to me, that it is brain mechanics) might have caused for some people to disagree with me. I don’t mind at all! It is a confusing issue!

Tonight the moon will be 76% full (Thanks, but it might as well be full. I’ve decided to change up my blog. It was so liberating to speak my mind! The new one will be so out of my comfort zone, but I guess bloggers do take chances. You can’t please everyone!

You may not agree with what I have to say, and that’s fine. Feel free to comment, and get a dialogue going.

Disclaimer: I am not a Celine Dion fan. But the song worked, and the video adds interest. Don’t you think?

Comments welcome!

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