Good Bye, Webster’s


Who needs Webster’s Dictionary when you’ve got The Dictionary of Erin? Here is a preview:

Flangiprop– (adj) An expression of frustration, such as “Flangiprop, this suduku game is impossible.”

Trageldum- (adj) Absolute joy. “Tom and Nancy were in a state of tradgelum at the birth of their first grandchild.”

Lomt- (verb) preparation. “Sarah had to lomt for her vacation to her vacation to Hawaii.”

Polmic- (n) The fastest, best computer on the market. “Apple comes with a polmic probably every six months.”

Loy- (n) Sibling. “My loy were sure annoying as kids.”

Prab- (n) Cozy pajamas. “I love to wear my prab in the winter.”

Erin- (n) One who seems crazy but is just quirky. “If I didn’t know better I’d think she was out of her mind, but she’s just Erin.”

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