To Mom

Here’s the assignment for day 2 of Poetry.


My mom, my hero and fellow blogger, is a marathoner. She has a race this Sunday, where she hopes to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Here is my way of wishing her good luck.

Robust sense of determination, like a kid learning to ride a two-wheeler.

You trUly inspire me, like on January first, anything is possible for you.

I caN’t imagine running 26.2 miles; kind of like thinking of infinity.

WheN you cross that finish line an ice-cold fountain Diet Coke will be waiting, which is like liquid heaven to you.

Your caninE supporters will get so excited when we get home, like at dinnertime.

I guess what I’m saying is, no matteR your place, for us, it will be like you won.

Good luck, Mom!

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