To Mom

Here’s the assignment for day 2 of Poetry.


My mom, my hero and fellow blogger, is a marathoner. She has a race this Sunday, where she hopes to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Here is my way of wishing her good luck.

Robust sense of determination, like a kid learning to ride a two-wheeler.

You trUly inspire me, like on January first, anything is possible for you.

I caN’t imagine running 26.2 miles; kind of like thinking of infinity.

WheN you cross that finish line an ice-cold fountain Diet Coke will be waiting, which is like liquid heaven to you.

Your caninE supporters will get so excited when we get home, like at dinnertime.

I guess what I’m saying is, no matteR your place, for us, it will be like you won.

Good luck, Mom!

It’s Harder Than It Looks!


Hi everybody! Things for this blog might seem odd for the next couple of weeks. I’m currently enrolled in Writing 201: Poetry. I guess I figure with Halloween coming up, why not conquer an extreme fear…

For the first assignment, I had to write a haiku.

The  cool autumn day

feels like fall, though in my state,

California, green.