Friday Fail



I admit I have absolutely no knowledge of Pokemon Go, other than it uses a GPS and you try to find Pokemon characters. More to the point, I don’t care. Why people are obsessed with a game where you hunt aliens (?) I have no idea. Sorry to any readers who enjoy it, but in my opinion, some people have too much time on their hands.

I read this story from The Huffington Post and just knew I had to share it.

Probably like most of us, I enjoy a good “dumb criminal” story. Well, here you go!

Last Thursday morning William Wilcox was arrested in Milford, Michigan. The 24-year old was nabbed outside of the police station, standing by the flagpole, wearing pajama pants.

Police recognized from a rap sheet that included a 2014 conviction of receiving stolen property. While they were questioning him they also discovered he was wanted on a failure to appear from a breaking-and-entering charge.

Wilcox was trying to catch the Pokemon character by the flagpole directly in front of the police station. You read right. “He made our job much easier that day,” said Milford police chief Thomas Lindburg. “I think he was more upset he had to stop playing.”

Thankfully, the arrest of Mr. Wilcox means that there’s one less criminal roaming the streets. Even more thankfully, his arrest means that there’s one less Pokemon Go player roaming the streets.

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