Common Denominator


This post’s inspiration came from the deacon of our church, who is very liberal. I can’t promise that this will be the last politically-based post, but at least the last for now.

I just have some thoughts. You know that I didn’t vote for president. I wasn’t going to vote for Hillary, but didn’t want Trump either, though I was rooting for him deep down.

Well, he won. I was so happy. Now, seeing the protesters and riots, They can’t give the guy a chance, I complained to Mom. She had a good point.

We didn’t exactly give Obama a chance.

My point is this: We are all Americans. We might have different ideas on how to do it, but isn’t doing the best for our country a common goal?  Maybe that’s easy for me to say now.  Maybe that’s how I should have felt–and acted–eight years ago.

Comments welcome!

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