Common Denominator


This post’s inspiration came from the deacon of our church, who is very liberal. I can’t promise that this will be the last politically-based post, but at least the last for now.

I just have some thoughts. You know that I didn’t vote for president. I wasn’t going to vote for Hillary, but didn’t want Trump either, though I was rooting for him deep down.

Well, he won. I was so happy. Now, seeing the protesters and riots, They can’t give the guy a chance, I complained to Mom. She had a good point.

We didn’t exactly give Obama a chance.

My point is this: We are all Americans. We might have different ideas on how to do it, but isn’t doing the best for our country a common goal?  Maybe that’s easy for me to say now.  Maybe that’s how I should have felt–and acted–eight years ago.

Wait A Minute

keep-calm-and-wait-a-minute-9Politically, I would consider myself fairly middle of the road, yet leaning to the right. Most times I can find valid points from the Democratic side (don’t tell my Dad, who is a staunch Republican—if I told him the other side had a few good points he might disown me).

But why does every single thing that happens in the United States have to be turned into a political issue? Take what happened in San Bernardino. The details were barely known, yet the presidential candidates were using it to talk about their platform.

Come on! Fourteen people died, and many others are still in the hospital, including children.Can’t arguing about terrorism, immigration, and gun control wait? I’m guilty of posting a few conservative based-things (Dad would be proud) on Facebook, but I shouldn’t have. Politics can wait.

Today, let’s remember the victims.