They MUST Have Dogs in Heaven


I’m expecting to get lots of comments for this post as the subject is religion based and it’s a controversial topic. You don’t agree with me? That’s perfectly fine. Maybe we can start a dialogue. You list your reasons against and I will list my reasons.

Maggie’s health is rapidly declining. She has always been prone to skin issues. She went to the vet with yet another skin issue a couple weeks ago, but the vet couldn’t identify it. On the blood work, though, he found something else. My sweet dog is in liver failure.

I know a vet’s goal is to save animals, but when he found a problem with her liver, he had a huge list of treatments. Maggie is eleven! After my soul searching by me watching her, my parents and I have decided that it’s time for the one last trip to the vet L. But it’s for the best. Besides the skin issue, she hasn’t been eating and there has been a stinky mess in my room when I wake up almost every day this week.

With all of our pets, it is Dad who always gets that job but he’s on a business trip right now. It will have to wait three or four days—just enough to spoil her rotten.

Now my question to my readers: Do dogs go to heaven?


My opinion? Heaven is paradise where everything is perfect, right?


How could a place be perfect without our canine friends?


So, it will probably be in fifty or sixty years (Mom’s side of the family lives forever), but I know I’ll be reunited with my sweetheart.

5 thoughts on “They MUST Have Dogs in Heaven

  1. To quote Will Rogers, ‘If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.’

    If it gives you any comfort, some time ago Pope Francis told a little boy who’s dog had died, “One day, we will see our animals again in the eternity of Christ. Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures.” He, and the RC Church, have since retracted that, saying it was just conversational solice for the child. But still….

    I wish you well with this. It’s agonizing when we have to make that decision. It’s for the best, but that doesn’t make it easier. People who don’t have pets probably don’t realize the depth of our feelings for them. You’ll be in my thoughts….

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  2. I don’t know what your general views on religion are, but I personally don’t believe that God would have given us the bond that we have with dogs, cats, and other animals, if he intended to remove us from them for eternity. What would the point be for him to create animals who can form that bond with people, and just let them go to waste? (writing this with 2 dogs and a cat in bed with me…). I have no definite proof, of course, but I believe firmly that they do go to heaven.
    Last year, my family had to have 2 dogs and a cat put to sleep. We’d had all of them for years, and even bottle fed the cat. It was a terrible year, and I’m sorry you guys have to go through that. But knowing that you gave Maggie a great life, and a dignified death will help you.
    A little advice: Try to not question your choice. That’s the hardest thing. Even when you know there really isn’t another option. Our dogs were old, and had stopped eating, and got to the point where they couldn’t stand up. The cat had an incurable disease that suddenly made it so he couldn’t move. And we still had the ‘did we make the right choice?’ thoughts. It’s tough to deal with, but it will get better in time. And believing that you will see Maggie again will help you to come to grips with it.
    Praying for you and your family with this hard time.

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