Call Me Old Fashioned…


Today we live in a world where convenience is king. McDonald’s is open 24 hours (does anybody get a Big Mac craving at three in the morning?), Target is basically a grocery store, and smart phones rule our lives.

I never go an hour without the internet! My parents know that it goes out for ten minutes, I have a conniption!

But we all did okay without these new-fangled things. Remember snail mail?

When I was in elementary school (late eighties/early nineties) I had several pen pals, which I acquired in various ways. Jeanne from Wisconsin and I were matched through an American Girl magazine pen pal program. She was my age (nine or ten). Michelle and Karen were from Dublin. I had actually taken the reigns, addressing the envelope to “any school, any city, Dublin, Ireland.” Definitely a different time!!!

I had so much fun picking out the stationary and pens! Bonus: it was an excuse to go to my beloved Farrs’s Stationers.

E-mail has replaced most handwritten communication. Convenient, yes. The most fun, no.

Thanks, Sarah for the post inspiration!

Comments welcome!

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