An Open Letter to KABC’S Weather Team

Dear Dallas Raines, Bri Winkler, Danny Romero, and Jonathan Novack:

I have been watching KABC’s “Eyewitness News” for as long as I can remember. Saying that, you can tell that I am very impressed with your anchors. Notice how I didn’t mention the weather “team.”

If you were a true team, you four would live your lives on the bench. Take this El Nino farce. You made it sound like in February each of us would need to buy arks. February was the hottest February on record.

Then, March was going to the rainy month. Okay, three rainy days so far. But none in the next week.

And 1/10 of an inch is not a storm. A drizzle for ten minutes is not a reason to go on “Storm Watch.” I can feel the rest of the rest of the country laughing at us. “Those weak Southern Californians,” while the east coast is mopping up after record rains. FEET of rain, not a miniscule amount.

A final thought: A Magic 8 Ball might not be the best “helper” for your forecasts.


Erin Tharp


As you know, I live in Southern California. And as you probably know, we have had the driest couple years on record. I think I can count the rainy days we had this past this winter on both hands. Actually that might be a tad generous.

But I’m so sick of hearing about how badly we need rain! Everyone acts like it’s something we did. You can’t drive down the street without seeing banners attached to streetlights nagging us to be “Water Wise.” We are encouraged to buy things like low-flow toilets and washing machines that use less water. Governor Jerry Brown made restrictions like how often you can water your lawn. We are encouraged to rip our yards out and go with a “desert landscape.” We haven’t (and won’t), but our next-door neighbors have stopped watering all together. Personally I just think they’re lazy, but shouldn’t we get twice the water allotment since they’re using none?

It’s hard to take the drought seriously when city sprinklers are on on a rainy day, which often happens. Make up your mind: save or don’t.

…even in the rain.

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