Overachievers Unite!


That’s me, with the long brown hair.  Doing the work.

I’m positive that MOST people are with me on this topic.

Think back to your school days. If you were like me, there were two words that I hated more than any other. Are you ready? Group projects.

Like I said, I’m sure most people hated them just as much as me. It’s not that I’m antisocial. But being a good student, of course I was always paired with the class dud. I never knew why teachers did that. Let the bad students be in a group of their own. {Sarah, if you do that, I am so disappointed!}

Of course, being an A student and wanting to get an A on the project, guess who did all of the work? ME!! Then, the skaters got an A. Because of me!

Mom and I watch “Project Runway” at lunch. When Heidi Klum announces the challenge, she says, “Oh yeah, this will be a group challenge.” You can see the slackers cheer. And the shoulders of the hard workers drop.

I think this hatred is universal. Kelley is always involved in some project at work and talks about the slackers she has to deal with.

Wouldn’t life be easier if all of the duds were in a group of their own? Far, far away.


Wouldn’t life be easier if all of the duds were in a group of their own? Far, far away.

OMG, That’s Annoying!

I told you that bad grammar was my pet peeve, but I’ve thought of something else that is right up there on the extremely annoying scale: laziness. I would never hear the end of it if I admitted this to my parents (actually I think I will be getting a huge I told you so from Mom, who posts my posts for me), but if you just do something right the first time, you’ll save yourself a whole lot of effort.

Probably like every kid on the planet at one time or another, I ran the toothbrush under the faucet instead of brushing my teeth. Instead of making my bed, I just pulled up the comforter, while the blanket and sheet remained a jumbled mess.

There is a new form of laziness for the 21st century, and you know what I’m talking about—it runs rampant on social media: LOL, OMG, IDC. Now that’s lazy! Just SAY it, already! And who comes up with that stuff, anyway?

Courtesy: squarelulu.blogspot.com

I know a lot of it came from text messages’ shorthand, which I get. But what about, say Facebook? Why not type the whole phrase? Just laziness, I tell you!

I so wish I had the nerve to say something! It would go something like this: If you took the time just typing what you wanted to say, instead of coming up with abbreviations and reinventing the wheel, you would probably be time ahead.

Now, I just need the guts to say so the next time I see it on FB (oops—I mean Facebook)!