Me In A List



If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know some things about me. You know that I’m disabled, that I have two younger sisters, and that I have a canine daughter named Maggie. For this post, I thought I’d tell you a little more about myself.

  1. Pansies are my favorite flower (they look like they are smiling).
  2. I took two years of French in high school, but other than merci and bonjour, the only thing I remember is pig. (Not very useful in a conversation. Unless you were talking about sandwiches. Or farm animals.)
  3. My 13/14-year-old “celebrity” crush was Prince William (that was pre-bald).
  4. I think about 95 is the perfect temperature.
  5. I think hobos are scary. Clowns too.
  6. I have never seen “Star Wars.”
  7. I have done several 5ks.
  8. I need a white noise machine to sleep (it drowns out Maggie’s snoring).
  9. Our family has never been without a dog.
  10. My favorite pizza topping is pineapple.
  11. I never learned to whistle.
  12. I think I’ve seen “Toy Story” at least 100 times.
  13. I love tiny houses, but couldn’t ever live in one.
  14. My family and I were guests at the White House.
  15. I could live in Target.
  16. I love “Say Yes to the Dress,” but don’t get how anyone could pay $10,000 for a dress you wear once.

Sole Mate


Is it that I’m not a romantic; maybe that I haven’t been in love. Sure, I’ve liked boys in school, but no boyfriend. I will probably be boyfriend-less my whole life. It’s fine by me. Relationships are complicated. More complication is the absolute last thing my life needs!

I look at my parents, who have been married 36 years and my grandparents, 56. I can’t imagine being with one person with one person for 56 years! I would have gotten so sick of my significant other long ago.

In my humble opinion, the term “soul mate” has no meaning anymore. It’s thrown around willy-nilly. The teenagers who will break up over the new boy that transferred to their school are soul mates. I watch “Say Yes to the Dress.” It seems like every single bride has found her soul mate.

It would be interesting to see their divorce rate. Haven’t you heard that marriage is a give and take? Unless couples realize that, they haven’t found their soul mate and it doesn’t happen at the wedding. It takes time to realize.