Now You Know

I know I started the WordPress “class” yesterday, but I decided that I would do my assignments when I don’t like the prompt and wasn’t going to write a post. Today, though, is a post day.

Okay, something in my life is maddening.  Rather, someone in my life: myself.


I’m one of those people that gets all excited at first, but then either get bored or quit when it turns out to be harder than I expected. It’s also embarrassing. Mom, who retired as a medical editor, is also now a writer. She and “I” wrote a memoir.   I use quotes because it was about ninety percent her, ten percent me.   Mom researched editors, publishers, and queries. I would have quit long ago.

I’m good at the goals. It’s the follow through that’s lacking.

I have two resolutions this New Year (I normally don’t make them because I know how I am).

Number one is to regularly donate to Loma Linda University Hospital’s Cheerful Encounters program. It’s a program where you can donate simple things like travel sized toiletries, soduku books, etc. to patients.

Number two is much harder. It would take several essays, but I’d like to write them to explain how I went from basically being an atheist to working with a Christian charity.

I’m hoping since you all now know that I’ve made two resolutions, I have to keep them!

Comments welcome!

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